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Marvin Edeas (fr.linkedin.com/in/marvin-edeas/en) affiliates with the Agency for the Evaluation of Research and Higher-Education (AERES) and the National Center for Science in Krakow (Poland). He chairs a variety of scientific committees, including that of the Congress on Targeting Microbiota and Glycation & Maillard Reaction. Marvin Edeas chairs the worldwide conference "Targeting Microbiota and Mitochondria".

Research on microbiota, differentiation and mitochondria, cell signalling, Nrf2 transcription factors activation and their significance in different pathologies are at the heart of Marvin Edeas’ research. In particular, he investigates the relationship between mitochondria and microbiota. He, ISANH and the SFA work to transfer basic research to real applications whether cosmetic or clinical. Coupled with being dedicated to their benefits in therapeutic and preventative treatments, the SFA supports the usage of antioxidants in health and nutrition. Marvin Edeas chairs the French Society of Antioxidants.

Marvin Edeas’ Works and Publications

Multiple publications, primarily based on mitochondria, chronic diseases and microbiota are among the topics looked at by Marvin Edeas. He has furthermore written books aimed at a wider audience, such as 'The Health Secrets of Tea' in 2005. In addition to his own writings, the research performed by Marvin Edeas is frequently the focus of content in the press.

Ever since the year 2016, Marvin Edeas has worked with the Cochin Institute, Paris Descartes University, as a professor (visiting). He joined up with a team in control of inflammation, oxidative stress and cell proliferation. Marvin Edeas holds studies that examine how microbiota metabolites effect the mitochondrial activity of nephrology patients. His research centres on the impact of Oxidative Stress and Inflammation in chronic diseases.

Marvin Edeas - Background

Marvin Edeas, coupled with Joe McCord, set up the very first world congress concerning superoxide dismutase enzymes or SOD (a topic which is at the heart of his work) at the Pasteur Institute. He was employed by the Department of Pulmonary Diseases at Armand Trousseau Hospital during the early part of the 90's. In the year 1998, Marvin Edeas got his doctorate on HIV infections in asymptomatic patients from Antoine Béclère Hospital. He concentrated his skills on gastrointestinal disease in Pitié Salpêtrière’s Internal Medicine Department.