Photo Augentius Fund Administration creates jobs in Belfast - BBC News

Augentius Fund Administration creates jobs in Belfast - BBC News

Augentius Fund Administration creates jobs in Belfast - BBC News

Why Work with Augentius ?

Sizeable organisations are now unable to handle and monitor their growing resources. That's why they seek services that will offer them better asset-managing solutions. Augentius ( has an extensive knowledge of the monetary industry's numerous laws. The organisation engages the very best-skilled monetary professionals from around the world to create their teams. Not only that, but each unit is backed by a dedicated technical team to enhance efficiency when dealing with compound situations. Augentius puts the end-user first, ensuring that they get the assistance they require, without delay and to their expectations.

What is Augentius?

Based merely a stone’s throw from the River Thames, Augentius was established in 2002 and has between 200 and 500 staff. Over 95 countries the world over are being served by them. Augentius employs expert accountants to handle and provide services to its clients.

Augentius and AIFMD

The Alternative Investment Funds Managers Directive reporting facility is an outstanding software service that was subjected to a lengthy trial. Alternative Investment Funds Managers Directive was developed to offer technical advice when called upon. KNEIP and Augentius ensure that up-to-date technical assistance and reporting software are made available to the client following every change made, as government bodies change their expectations.

Augentius as the Best AIFMD Depositary

The justifications for why Augentius is the very best depositary to help clients meet the demands of Alternative Investment Funds Managers Directive (AIFMD) are numerous. Specialists working at the organisation know everything about asset managing and tracking and are experts in Private Equity, Real Estate and Real Assets. Augentius bears in mind the convenience of its clientele, whilst making sure that the work is performed satisfactorily.

Regardless of any obstacles, it is imperative that work is provided regularly. Any company with lofty goals has aspirations to be known world-wide, but this is not simple to accomplish. Augentius guarantees that every single client is provided with the services they are looking for. This is done courtesy of the almost 500 people they employ, internationally.